Meet India,she is 20 years old. For such a beautiful girl you would expect her to be happy and living the dream life.We'll she is but one thing is missing in her life and each and everyday it brings her further down into pain. She just wants love,wants to be loved.

Love Torn: Chapter One.




I felt relaxed each time my foot hit the pavement and I ran at a nice steady pace. Working out was my passion, I love to work out. When I was a little girl I dealt with my weight for years and my sophomore year I made a change and I became who I am today. Well not completely…

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Love Torn: Prologue.




-6 years before -

The pain was unbearable. It felt as if someone was stabbing me repeatedly in my stomach. Tear rolled down my cheeks.

“Mommy, don’t cry.” My baby boy said grabbing my cheek gently. I smiled softly at him. He was my world and he was the…

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Love Torn: I have amazing news everyone!


I will be bringing back love torn AND blinding love! Here is the twist though it will be one story, but since they both had India Westbrooks and Shad Moss in them the main story will be love torn using them and the supporting story will be blinding love using two other characters. Once I have…

jamacianbeautyxoxo sent: love torn and inhabitant and blinding love Don't do this to me your an amazing writer and I love all the stories you made unfortunately you stopped my fav 3 don't restart just continue im sure many readers agree ;)

I’m sorry hun I want to revamp them they need a lot of work to them. 

Anonymous sent: AWW don't discontinue this story is bangingggg please continue ;(

I’m just going to start it over hun. 


Sorry hun I’m going to be starting over. :(

For those who want to know!


I have been thinking about starting Love Torn and Blinding Love over but that will be sometime in the future. As for now you can read my current story Thank you loves! :)

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Anonymous sent: Whats up with blinding love

If I bring this back I will be starting it all over.